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Yes, you can!

We’ve all had those moments when we tell ourselves we can’t.  We come up with some amazing idea and a few weeks later we table it.  We say “I can’t”.  I’ve had my fair share of “I can’t” moments.

Most of the time we don’t realize we are saying “I can’t”.  The first time I heard someone scream “Yes, you can!” was at an intense yoga class.  It was hot yoga.  I was dripping sweat, sore, and definitely not posing with my toes pointing the right direction (I’m not a natural yogi).  I was feeling defeated, like I couldn’t hold the pose any longer.  Out of nowhere, the yoga instructor screams, “Yes, you can!”.  I immediately felt like I could.  My whole demeanor changed and I was reenergized.  I held that darn pose.  Nailed it.

The second time I heard “Yes, you can!” was during the Lola’s half marathon back in June.  I had started the race by the 10:30 pacer.  She was a sweet lady.  Soon after the half started, I ran ahead and could no longer hear her.  It was ridiculously hot.  The half marathon course was super hilly.  The combination was tough.  I was struggling on this run and I wasn’t used to struggling so much while running.  About mile 12, I heard the pacer come up behind me.  She was super motivating.  All of a sudden I heard her yell, “Yes, you can!  Yes, you can!”.  Again, I was reenergized and I pushed ahead to the finish line.  I actually beat my PR from my prior half marathon!

The moral of the story. . . believe in yourself.  Everyone around you knows that you are capable of great things.

Get out of your own way.


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