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Three things we all need

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I promise I’ve been up to some great stuff.

Tomorrow, I am blessed with the opportunity to testify for a bill that would help bring mental health education into our classrooms, into programs and classes that already exist.  It was about a year ago that I pulled together a team and just went for it.

The first time I asked for help from a Senator, I was brushed off.  I let it stew for a few days and then I went back in for another helping.  This time, he said he’d meet with me (it’s probably the only way he thought he could get rid of me!).

My team brainstormed about a dozen items that we felt that were necessary to improve mental health in the community.  We wanted it ALL.  But, the political scene doesn’t work that way.  So, we settled (for now) in a really good place to start: with our students.

I shared a portion of my talk for tomorrow with a friend and wanted to share it here:

There are three vital pieces to helping the mental health crisis.  Every person should be able to state these three items:

  1. “I can ask for help without fear.”  To answer this, a person must be able to recognize that there is an issue and subsequently be able to ask for help without embarrassment or shame.

  2. “I know where to get help.”  This is fairly simple.  Once someone is able to recognize and ask for help, they need to know where to go or who to ask.

  3. “I can get the help I need.”  When I have an issue and I know where to go, is that help available?  We have a severe issue with counselor: student rations in MN.

When I think about Michael, I know we missed the boat with #1, “I can ask for help without fear.”.  This bill addresses #1.

Let’s not miss #1.

Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, I will continue to fight.  We all deserve #1.

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