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The 30 Day Experiment

Ever wonder what life might be like without a drink? Or without sugar? Without gluten? Without {insert whatever behavior is concerning}?

Going alcohol-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, behavior-free, at least for 30 days, is a great way to examine your relationship with whatever it is.

Recently, I've found myself having a glass of wine more often than usual. Some of it is to relieve some stress, and sometimes simply because I can. I enjoy wine. I enjoy that first sip and feeling my whole body relax. Can you relate?

I'm super aware of my relationship with alcohol, work hazard I suppose. And, I recently have been considering taking a 30 day break. The break allows a reset. A reset allows a few things:

  • Time to learn how to deal with strong emotions. Instead of reaching for a glass of wine after a tough day, sit in the muck and feel it.

  • Time to consider other options. Maybe a walk, some deep breaths, or a chat with a friend are just as good, likely better, alternatives.

  • Time to challenge your thoughts. Remember just a few paragraphs earlier I stated that I liked how the first drink of wine relaxed me? Wrong. It might in the short-term but I can tell you that it doesn't last. 30 days gives me a chance to challenge that thought.

  • Time to feel differently. Alcohol can take a toll on sleep, on how a person feels physically, mentally, and emotionally. 30 days gives me a chance to feel different.

  • Time to learn to have fun differently. Many people think that a good Friday night is letting loose with some drinks. Friday nights can be pretty fun without alcohol, too. 30 days gives me time to see this more clearly.

This whole idea of a 30 day break is based on Annie Grace's book, The Alcohol Experiment: A 30-day, alcohol-free challenge to interrupt your habits and help you take control. If you haven't heard of Annie Grace, check out some of her books on Amazon or google her. She is a great alternative to 12-step groups or traditional methods of therapy. Her method works for any behavior - it could be wanting to make your bed everyday. Simply stated, if you want to change anything, try her method for 30 days and see how it goes. What do you have to lose?

Let me ask you this:

  • What is one thing that keeps you awake at night?

  • What do you worry about?

Is it how much you drink? Is it those last 10 pounds? Is it relationships with friends? Is it your messy house? Exercise?

What if you gave yourself 30 days to commit to something different? What if you committed to 30 days of putting yourself first, loving and honoring yourself?

Close your eyes. Imagine you have just completed the 30 days of your new behavior. How does it feel? Are you proud? Are you excited? I know I am when I think of being alcohol free for 30 days. The behavior doesn't have to be a problem, but it should be something you aren't happy with or would like to see different. Join me on the first step to feeling better!


I'd like to do a 30 day challenge in a Facebook group for anyone wanting to change a behavior. It could be alcohol, drugs, diet, sugar, gluten, making your bed, doing the dishes. It really doesn't matter. Post for accountability and encourage others in their quest. You don't have to share what it is that you are changing for the 30 days if you don't want to. This is simply a place to go and share our experience!

If you'd like to join me, comment below or email me at If we get enough participants, we can start 9/28 or 10/5 (Mondays seem like a good starting day)! That allows you enough time to grab Annie Grace's book if you are interested in following it during your 30 days.


On yet another side note, Facebook has unpublished my Rise Up Mission page. It is a big bummer, but I'm hopeful that my readers will be able to follow me on my personal page, or on Instagram while I look at other avenues.

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