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Rest & Recharge

Mexico, anyone?! I am so blessed to say that I just returned from a vacation with the kiddos and my mom this week. We had a fantastic time. We swam, ate delicious food, shopped, swam with sea lions, and drove ATVs through the desert. Lots of memories were made!

I came back from Mexico ready for work and excited to dive back into my busy schedule. I enjoy quiet but five days is enough quiet for me. . . {I know, I’m working on it}. I was able to put in one full day of work and then BAM! My daughter became sick. We had to skip the zoo field trip and here we are three days later, still on the couch, waiting out this virus.

I have a running coach and knew that I needed to get back into my running routine. On Wednesday night (the first day back) I promised my running coach I would get out and run on Thursday. I wanted to run, but my schedule was a mess. Thursday morning, Emily was sick. I have been stressing out about how to fit in my runs and I finally decided to let it go. I’m not worried about getting my runs in for my own strength. I am feeling pretty good and overall, I have time to train for my marathon. The problem I have is this: I was worried about letting my coach down. That’s when I realized my priorities were messed up. I need to be here: next to my daughter, grabbing her water and giving her Motrin.

I am constantly learning to give myself grace. One week or even two weeks without running will not ruin my strength. It might take a run or two to find my groove, but I’ll get it back.

I’m not sure what is giving you stress or anxiety today. But, whatever it is, let it go. Ask yourself this question: In 5 years, will this thing that is stressing me out matter? If the answer is no, then LET IT GO.

In five years, I won’t even remember that my daughter was sick or that I missed two weeks of running. Yes, I have goals. I will still reach them. GUARANTEED.

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