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Go Get Happy!

Over the last few months, I feel like I’ve been somewhat sidelined.  Meaning, I feel like I am watching my life unfold looking from the outside in.  Does that make sense?

I finally figured out how to stand my ground and fight for what I believe.  I learned to put myself first.  Because without doing so, I can’t be a good mother, friend, daughter, or sister.  I’ve started accepting help.  I’m learning what the word “No” means and how to finally use it.

Life is tough.  Never did I think I would be divorced (almost 3 years already) and trying to maneuver through life by myself.  It is hard.  Damn hard.

But. . . I am proud.  I am proud of myself for getting to where I am.  Proud of Ryan for being the man of the house and helping his Momma out.  Proud of Emily for being such a sweetheart that my eyes swell with tears just at the thought of her.  We are good.  No, we are GREAT!

I am thankful.  I have wonderful neighbors that help me when tools don’t work the way I think they should.  Or tonight, when I can’t figure out how to hook up the trailer to my Jeep, friends magically appear.  I am thankful for amazing people that I can pour my heart out to.  I am thankful for a close family that has my back and trusts in whatever I decide to do.  I am so grateful.

I’m not sure why I feel inclined to share this.  But, I want to tell you to push forward.  Make yourself a priority and do what makes you happy.  Life is so damn short.  Don’t waste a minute of it.  Not a minute.


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