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Feel better NOW!

Do you ever have those days when you are just so mad, irritated, or crabby and you can’t really say why, but you simply are? Nothing happened, you just feel like crap. Everyone has these days, even the most successful people in the world.

Or, perhaps you are feeling down, a little like laying in bed all day. Maybe you are nervous about a meeting coming up. A big to-do list and holidays can all add stress to otherwise great days.

Here are five things you can do right NOW to feel better:

  1. Move your body. Activity is such a great attitude changer. Movement affects mood. If you want to feel differently, move your body. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, it can be as simple as a walk or a short bike ride. Dancing to one of your favorite songs is sure to bust your mood!

  2. Chat with a friend. Know your go-to friend. The one that understands that these moods happen and can be an ear to listen. Better yet, meet this friend for a cup of coffee or tea. Connection is an incredible tool!

  3. Quiet time. Take a few minutes for yourself. Use this time to meditate, pray, or journal. Find something that feels good for you, find a quiet spot, and simply be.

  4. Escape in a book. If you enjoy reading, get whisked away in a chapter of a book. Reading allows your mind to relax and you might feel better after reading for a bit.

  5. Plan a Getaway. Everyone enjoys a mini getaway. The planning is a great portion of the fun. It doesn’t have to be a really expensive outing; a simple road trip with the kids or date night are simple tasks that get you excited for something different. Try it out!

This list is just a sampling of the things you can do to feel better quickly. Try one out and if it doesn’t feel right, try another.

Please note that this list is not treatment for serious anxiety or depression. If you are struggling, please reach out to a counselor or therapist. This website allows you to type in your zip code and find a counselor near you:

Try one of these out and let me know how it goes! Comment below with your experience and/or what else has worked for you.


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