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Embrace the Stuck and Suck: 3 tips for Resilience.

Embrace the stuck and suck, ha. Usually my posts are pretty positive (I'm hoping this post gets there, trust me). Hard seasons are hard. Easy seasons are easy. Seems simple enough.

I'm in a hard season and like many of you, I am overly aware of my "stuckness" and "suckness". I know in my logical accounting brain that this is just a season and soon enough, hopefully later today, I will be feeling a little less unstuck. But for now, I don't. I found myself tearing up this morning talking about the suck.

Have you ever felt like this? I have. And, I know this too shall pass. describes resiliency as having the ability to recovery quickly from difficulties. Resiliency is built over time and experience. You don't suddenly have it. Resiliency requires awareness and practice.

Here are three tips that I am already using to move through this season:

  1. Focus on what you can control. Too often we worry or stress about things we can't control. If you worry is related to something that you can't control - work on letting it go. I practice this when I start worry about something by asking myself, "Is this something I can control?". If yes, then move forward. If not, then let it go and focus on what you can control. It takes practice.

  2. Practice self-love. Learn to love yourself. We all have faults. We are all broken in some way. You are made that way on purpose: imperfect perfection. Learning to love yourself is a journey that takes some time and isn't all about bubble baths. I have a list of 10 Ways to Love Yourself that Cost NOTHING. Click the link and enjoy!

  3. Connect with others that REALLY know you. I've learned not everyone can be trusted. When you are feeling down, don't connect with those people. Connect with the people that know your heart. Open up to them and allow them in, even for just a moment. Maybe meet for coffee, have a quick phone call, or zoom. If you don't have someone you feel that you can trust, journal your feelings to an imaginary best friend. Just connect.

My brother once told me that life wasn't meant to be easy. And, I know he's right. It's not. I know I won't be in this place long and if you are feeling the same, know that your better day is around the corner, too. A big part of my knowing that things will get better is that I've survived 100% of my bad days. I'll survive this one and the next one. You will, too.

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