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Changing mental health and addiction. One hand at a time.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and hosting Kevin Briggs, a retired CA highway patrol officer.  Kevin used to patrol the Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) and he has learned skills over the years that have enabled him to save hundreds of lives.

I found Kevin through his Ted Talk and was determined to bring him to MN.  With the funds raised from last year’s bike run, that’s exactly what we did!

Kevin was humble and full of wisdom.  My goal for the event had always been about those things I mentioned in my post Three things we all need.

While the venue seated 400 and I thought (and still think) I did a great job of getting the word out, I was disappointed that about 150 people showed up.  I had this big gregarious goal of filling that auditorium and maximizing the impact we could make.

I’ve had some time to reflect and my opinion has greatly changed.  People have reached out to me to tell me how great the event was.  But, even better, people I didn’t realize were listening were telling me what an inspiration I was and that I was making a difference.  These are people that aren’t liking social media posts or sharing anything of mine.  This blew me away!

The point of this story isn’t to brag.  The point is this: What you do everyday makes an impact far greater than you can see.  You are amazing!  I hope someone tells you so today.

As far as I’m concerned, I hit my goal x 150 that night!  I know that people left that auditorium with information that can expand much further than that room.  I also KNOW that many more people will be able to raise their hand and say, “I need help.”.


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