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About melanie

Melanie's coaching focuses on mind strength and skill development to reduce codependency behaviors in daily life and minimize their impact.

Codependency can be tricky to understand and many people have codependent issues without realizing that is what is causing them so much pain and stress.

Codependency manifests in several ways.  Here are some examples:

  • I am the person everyone calls because I am the only one who can actually get things done.

  • I'll answer a phone call from my boss after work hours.

  • I'd really like to go on a walk tonight but I don't think my husband wants to, so I'll avoid bringing it up when he asks what I want to do for the night.  I'll just do whatever he wants.

  • I can't really come up with many ideas for what I like to do.  My life centers around my loved ones.

  • I avoid ordering the cheeseburger without pickles and onions because I don't want to inconvenience the restaurant worker.

  • I have a hard time thinking of positive things about myself.

  • I feel bad saying "No" when someone asks me for something.

  • I am so frustrated with people and often explode.

  • I have a hard time sharing what I feel with the people I love.

Any of these sound familiar?

To be honest, all of these examples are from my personal history with codependency.  I still find myself dipping back into these behaviors and reminding myself of all the things I no longer do.  There isn't a perfect person in the world that is exempt from codependent behavior but we can find peace by managing our thoughts, mind, and behaviors. 

meet melanie

Life was never meant to be easy.  But we can make it fun and enjoyable by changing how we respond to challenges.

Having been surrounded by addiction for years and after losing her brother in 2013 to suicide while he was drunk and high on meth, Melanie decided to take bold action in her life.  She made choices that were best for her and her kids.  Despite many difficult relationships, Melanie has found peace.  That's what we desire for you.

Melanie is a codependency coach and holds a master's degree in Addictions Counseling: Integrated Recovery for Co-Occurring Disorders from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies.  She is the author of Warriors in Recovery and is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor.  Melanie advocates for mental health and addiction recovery every day.

Melanie Moberg
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